Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Participate in University Programs in 2019

Did you make up your mind about the future? The transition from school life to university or college days may be a tough process, but there is a way to make it easier. Ascent programs are designed to help a student become part of a higher educational establishment while they’re still a senior. School districts cooperate with universities in order to prepare young people for the next step in their lives. Free tuition, assistance, individual consultations, and the chance to earn credits are the main benefits of this program. It’s your chance to be accepted by a university or college while you’re on your way to graduation from high school.

The Main Criteria for Qualifying

Ascent programs give seniors an opportunity to get all the perks of the college experience. Students have a full course at a higher educational establishment and professional support when entreing a new page of their life book. Besides, they successfully combine studying at a high school and a year at college. If you want to participate in a program, it’s necessary to meet the following criteria:

  • meet all the requirements provided by a high-school;
  • successfully earn 12 credits at a university or college by the end of a school year;
  • complete tests and perform required scores;
  • students must be younger than 21 years old;
  • represent an Individual Career and Academic Plan;
  • pass Accuplacer tests.

If you’re skilled and know what you want from your life, it’s time to concentrate on studying. Participation in this program boosts confidence and a proper understanding of what expects you at a college or university. It’s also the chance to save some time and money because assistance and tuition are already paid for a student.

Accuplacer Testing

Accuplacer test is used by many higher educational establishments in order to check the skills of students. They help determine classes that will work the best for an applicant and support them on the way to their goals. This test also is a nice tool that uncovers which additional skills a student may need during academic years. Math, reading, and writing are the major focus of the Accuplacer check. Tests show if students are proficient for the required college level.

Advantages of University Programs

Expenses connected to higher education grow every year, and many students are looking for ways to save some money. They can benefit from university programs and get other perks of participation. It’s the chance to feel as if you’re a college student while you’re in high school. University programs are created to help seniors prepare for the next level of studying and support them during this period. And they are definitely worthy of attention due to the following advantages:

  • students essentially save money on studying. Tuition is free and you don’t have to make additional payments;
  • you get regular support and assistance during the program;
  • it’s your first steps to the university degree;
  • a student improves time management and study skills;
  • you’ll understand what is expected from you at a university;
  • a chance to communicate with someone out of your everyday environment. You’ll interact with university professors and other students – they will inspire you and broaden your worldview.

It’s only a short list of all the advantages of university programs. Of course,  you may find it hard to combine high school and college tasks, but you get so much instead. It’s a chance to get all the needed experiences and prepare for university life. Besides, you’ll definitely receive essential skills that will help achieve all your educational goals.