Computer Science & Engineering Online Courses for US College Students

We are an educational platform and online course builder. We develop adaptive learning algorithms, collaborate with authors for free, and help in conducting contests and retraining programs. Our goal is to make education open and comfortable.

The first training materials were posted on the platform in 2013. Today, among the topics covered by the courses are programming, computer science, mathematics, statistics and data analysis, engineering. Online courses hosted by our platform have repeatedly won prizes in online courses, and an automated task verification system is used in a number of courses on the Coursera and edX platforms.  We are also actively developing the direction of adaptive learning, where everyone will be able to study material selected individually for their level of knowledge.

Our site is a multi-functional and flexible platform for creating educational materials. You can create online courses, interactive lessons with videos and various types of assignments for students, private courses for a limited audience, create contests, run professional retraining and advanced training programs, as well as train your employees and clients.

Our students have access to seminars and resources necessary for a quality study of information technologies. To get all the information you need to participate in all seminars. Only this way you can take full advantage of the courses.

To whom our courses apply best?

Our courses suit adults and children who want to keep their brain in good shape, become much more professional than their colleagues and increase their value as a specialist in the market.

Our courses suit children who want to learn how to quickly make decisions. That’s why children became the best among their peers and acquired the skills of a modern specialist, securing a decent future for themselves.

Our Computer Science & Engineering courses suit people who want to earn money by educating others. We have a complete package of materials, a turnkey authoring program, and webinars for your complete immersion in the product.

Why is it worth cooperating with us? 

We have the best team of teachers who have experience in computer science & Engineering for more than 10 years. 

Our team uses an integrated approach in teaching programming and other features of the IT industry.

We provide an opportunity to study computer science & Engineering online for adults, children from 12 years old and teachers.

Our goal is to educate people. We want to give everyone the most useful and interesting information. And above all, we want to give people quality education. 

What do we offer?

  • Convenient connection to the Online Course
  • Free online programming simulator
  • The best online teachers with experience from 10 years
  • The convenient and flexible training program for computer science course
  • First online courses for children from 12 years old
  • An integrated approach to teaching programming and the intricacies of the IT industry